Sequência de Eventos


Querra no Oriente Medio

Porta-Avião Abraão Lincohn e Ronald Regan afunda


Ecento Inaugural ARdente – Nova Iorque – Manhatan

O Sistema Financeiro do Mundo desba

Fome, Sede, Pestilência

Caos nos Estados Unidos, Guerra Civil, Lei Marcial

O inimigo toma posse completamente de Obama

Segundo Evento

Terceiro Evento

Quarto Evento

Remanescentes trabalhando trazendo pessoas sofrendo desse desastres ao Pai

3 Dias de Trevas

A grande Colheita acontece

Obama deixa os Estados Unidos para ser rei das 10 nações


O Sext-Selo é aberto

A Pai leva Sua noiva para segurança

O Destruidor esta aqui

Deminos Alienigenas estão aqui

Dream 304 – Jesus and the Hidden Arrows soon to be revealed

Jesus:  “Stay with Me a bit more.  Watch for Me. I come and I will not delay.  I have

prepared something for you that you would not believe.  This will be for there, Erin, and

will be like it is here in Heaven.  This is how I have taught you to pray.  There will be a

final time and times before the great and terrible day when I will do all that I have said and the prophecies are fulfilled.

  • Esse sonhos foi dado em Outubro 14 de 2018. Adicionando 3 anos, chegamos Quinta-Feira, Outubro de 2021.

The Days of Ease are Ending

Two Messages: Babylon The Great/Babylon Will Fall – Robin Pease

coming where all that has been spoken about your land will come to pass a time tomorrow “ →  Terça, Janeiro 23, 2018

Dec 27th 2018

Hear the word of the Lord,


Narrow is the path that leads to righteousness and few shall find it. It’s hard to love thy brother in times of plenty and a time of lack has come quickly of which you have been warned but do not see. By faith my beloved please me, by faith they do follow me. The just, I have called to live by faith. Take my hand my beloveds and do not fear, I shall help you when the morning dawns. Darkness, a thick darkness comes but I AM your light, I AM the way and I light your path as you follow me into the wilderness. Do not look to the left or to the right, do not focus your eyes upon the crashing waves, but lock your eyes with mine and come, follow me.”

Brother will deliver brother over to death, and the father his child, and children will rise against parents and have them put to death, and you will be hated by all for my name’s sake. But the one who endures to the end will be saved.

Daughter you will speak today to my children. This is the appointed time of the END of DAYS. You are speaking to those with open ears and eyes. You are speaking to those who hear my voice and do my will. YOU ARE SPEAKING TO MY CALLED AND CHOSEN.. The BEAST stands before the multitudes ,He stands in plain sight yet many cant see him. He has gained much favor . He is loved by many. They will call him , master and MESSIAH.. They will follow him down the path of destruction. They will bow to him and question nothing he says.. He will be appointed King and ruler over all the nations of the world. DEATH is his comforter. HATE his friend. . He will cause many to be put to death.The Blood of the martyrs will cover the land and cry to me. . I have revealed his name to my Prophets and Messengers.They have been warning you of what is coming . He knows who they are HE WILL HAVE THEM PUT TO DEATH TO SILENCE THEM. HE is the man called OBAMA. Behold , a great change is coming . Get your house in order. prepare for the BEAST and his decree. He is prepared to step forward now so all may worship him as HE IS.

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